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Submission FC is a company born and bred on the BJJ mat. From the very beginning in just a short amount of time , Submission FC went from being a BJJ enthusiasts dream to the forefront of innovative BJJ gear. For the past few years Submission FC has been a staple in the production of BJJ Kimonos and no gi grappling gear.  Shakib Nasiri was kind enough to answer a few questions we had regarding the future of BJJ, new products coming out of Submission FC and other questions we were curious about.

Hi Shakib, first off i wanted to let you know that what you are doing for the BJJ community is awesome, getting the word out on your BJJ Gi’s one fighter at a time sounds like a great grassroots campaign for your company and we thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions regarding your BJJ Kimonos.

First off we wanted to know , How did you get into the grappling/BJJ world?


A few years back i was interested in starting a martial art of some sort, but hadn’t done too much research on this matter . Later i was hanging out with a cousin of mine and when i told him that i wanted to start a a martial art he convinced me to start training brazilian jiu jitsu. I hadn’t heard about it at all but he said he had been training in bjj for a few months at the time. So with a little research i found out the legend Jean Jaques Machado had an academy about a mile away from where i live so i decided to go check it out
. I have been hooked ever since.

Very interesting Shakib, i am willing to bet you walked in to Jean Jacques Machado not really
knowing ( at the time ) how much of a true legend he is as a fighter and as a coach.

Your company has been producing BJJ gi products for some time now , and the trend in kimonos
today are being made of Hemp, How did the idea behind a Hemp Gi come to you  was it something you had thought of thoroughly?

After i had come out with the first couple of batches of Submission gi’s , i realized many people
had similar ideas to mine starting their own gi company. They are all similar making pretty much
the exact same gi with their logo on it, which i believe shows a lack of creativity.
So i was determined to create a new niche and dominate it and be different than every other bjj gi brand out there. I started researching like crazy on fabrics that are possible to use for a bjj gi that no other brand has come out with . Finally i stumbled upon the Hemp fabric .

Every other gi is made of 100% cotton when hemp is 4x stronger & 4x softer than cotton . So i thought this would be the best fabric to use for a bjj gi , it will change the ways gi’s are made forever! Took me almost 2 year to find a good supplier, but it was all worth it!

Thats so cool, we never knew so much went in to having an idea, researching fabrics and finding a reputable manufacturer.

Shakib, Submission Fight Co. has been a prominent name in BJJ and just about every grappler has either heard of, used or been sponsored by your company.
What fighters does Submission FC sponsor and do you do any MMA sponsorships?

Honestly we have sponsored some fighters in the past, but we are not too big on sponsorships at the moment. We actually do have plans on creating a full amateur and professional sponsorship program that should be out beginning of 2013. This will be mainly
for BJJ .

Very cool! We hope to see more BJJ fighters pro and amateur rock the Submission FC logo and in order for our sport to go big and mainstream , we need companies like yours to come out with new products ( such as the Hemp gi ) and heavy marketing should help
that come along. And speaking of progress  Shakib , Do you see the BJJ community as a whole growing, staying the same or fading in the next 10 years?

I see the BJJ community growing rapidly within the next 10 years. There are still tons of people out there in the world that have not yet been introduced to the sport as well, so there is plenty of room for the sport to grow . I have been training for about 4 years now and within the past 4 years i have seen many Jean Jaques Machado black belts open their own affiliate schools and become very successful
, some even in the same areas of other bjj schools. Jean Jacques Machado academy where i train has even moved to  a 4x bbigger place last year and it is still packed in there  when it comes time for training.
Every year the number of competitors and spectators at major events like Worlds and Pan Ams have been growing. Also mma is linked closely to bjj , and mma as a sport has been growing extremely fast which is helping out the bjj world. So yes i see the bjj community continuing to grow
for the next 10 years.

It’s one thing we hope , that BJJ becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Going in another direction Shakib,
Do you think it’s a good idea for BJJ Gi/apparel companies ( including Submission FC ) to do pre-order sales ?

It’s really up to the company owners themselves . Personally , i don’t like it when gi companies hype up a gi by doing pre order on them and once they do actually come out, they discontinue
them. It’s almost as if that when people get the gi in their hand , they realize it’s not that great , the hype dies, and sales don’t just drop they stop.
However if a bjj gi brand does a preorder on a gi before it is released
and keeps it in stock for at least over a year then hey, in my opinion that would be ok.
It shows they are confident with their product and that sales will only increase once
people attest to the quality of their new product.

We have seen the trend move towards preorder more and more over having in-stock gi’s ,
while from a sales standpoint this may make sense, but in the world of ” right now ” that we live in
would it be wise for a company to invest this type of marketing for grapplers who are
used to training 3-6 x a week?


As a business owner having experience in this field i can say this does help with sales for many
of these bjj g brands that are doing this. But like i said on the last question was that if you notice the gis get hyped up during pre-order and once they actually get released, the hype stops and sales don’t just drop they stop. It is as if when  people get the gi in their hands they realize it isnt wasn’t all that great which is why
the gi brands discontinue the product. This shows no confidence in their own product.

However, if a bjj gi brand decides to do a preorder on a gi
or any product that will be in stock for awhile after, then that shows much
confidence in their product.

And you are right, at this time people are all about ” right now ” and people can’t wait months for a gi just to train which is why we always have our gi’s in stock through our website as well as all our retailers , including budovideos, bjjsports, fighters market, masrtialartssupplies,
bambootrendz, etc.

Well it definitely sounds like you have your company headed in the right
direction , hopefully when Brazilian Jiu Jitsu explodes and goes as an
Olympic sport, Submission FC can be right there in the middle of it all
, when that happens what can we expect from Submission FC in the future?


I like to keep the Submission brand very innovative . I hate being a “copy cat”
of any other brand(s). So next , we are introducing the worlds first ever Mini Gi Hanger!
I’m sure you’ve seen many boxers hanging boxing gloves on their rear view mirrors. Well now you can do the same with your Jiu Jitsu Gi!

It is currently in production and will be here soon! If you want to
check it out or put your name on the list to be notified of the release here’s the link.

Hemp sensation belts should be the next product we release. This is still in research and development stage so it could take a while before we are 100% confident with the product before production begins. We only want to make sure the belts are of top notch quality before we release them to the world . If you’d like to see pictures of what they would look like we have posted some pictures of them on our fb , twitter & instagram
. I’ve tested them myself and they are easily the softest bjj belts you will ever find !

As you know we are the leader in Organic Hemp BJJ Gi’s . but we are not stopping there. We are working on introducing many other organic fabric materials for bjj gis and other bjj gear! Like i said before , i love to be innovative and that’s what i will be doing with the creation of our newest gis and bjj gear. I can’t give more info than this, wouldn’t want too much information to spill. If you’d like to know more i’d recommend adding us on facebook & twitter and of course our email list. We will be keeping everyone updated on our newest releases on our email newsletter and social networks.

Shakib, we thank you for answering a few questions and we wish you and your Kimono company
the absolute best!

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