Gameness 2013 Pearl Weave Review

Well, what can we say about Gameness that hasn’t already been said? It seems as though Gameness has it’s hand in just about everything BJJ & grappling related lately and it isn’t by accident. An established company , Gameness has been sponsoring grappling events, BJJ fighters, and MMA fighters the same for years now, and it is partly due to their high quality gear and their commitment to providing quality products at reasonable prices.

gamenessphotoThey contacted us for a review on their newest model, the 2013 Pearl Weave in white , size A3, and we were happy to oblige ,  but before we get into the review we want to start with the specifications of the gi.

According to Gameness the specs are as follows;

Available in sizes A1 – A6

-Available in White, Blue, or Black

-Pre-shrunk cotton

-Pearl Weave 550 gsm

-Rubberized Collar for added thickness without added weight and is tournament legal

-Shoulder and lapel patches

-Rip-stop Pants

-Rip-stop fabric cord drawstring

-Pearl Gi Weights are as follows:

A1 – 3.6 lbs

A2 – 3.9 lbs

A3 – 4.2 lbs

A4 – 4.5 lbs

A5 – 4.7 lbs

A6 – 4.9 lbs


The Jacket:

Available from Gameness for $139 USD , the 2013 Pearl Weave jacket is made of one piece 100% cotton, with shoulder patches on either shoulder and large chest patch . The seam tape give it an extra bit of flair on the outside of the skirt and the gray accents on the reinforcements give it a nice touch,  along with the typical armpit reinforcements you will find in most other BJJ Kimonos, the gray accents on the jacket make for an attractive addition.

The patches on the shoulder are sewn under the collar from the looks of it, so you grapplers who like plain white gi’s may have a hard time removing the shoulder emblems. Similar to the Feather gi by Gameness, the 2013 pearl has a tighter weave pattern over the Feather gi, this is understandable since we are talking different weaves, we asked to get an A3 since the Feather we got was also an A3 and fit so well we decided on this size.

The 2013 looks to run bigger in the same size over other models, if you look at the comparison photos we laid the 2013 Pearl over the Feather and it looks like it is a bigger size and although we don’t recommend drying your gi, we will be putting the gi in the dryer as an attempt to shrink it down a bit and see how it reacts to drying. When we contacted Gameness about this they had said after use and washing the gi will shrink a bit , some shrinking was noted after several wash & hang dry cycles we decided to machine dry then check for shrinkage.


gamenesssizingThis was somewhat of a double edged sword since the gi has so much room and material , there was so much for our partner to grab and grip, but at the same time the comfort level was above average , nonetheless it is a strong and sturdy kimono, but you may want to contact Gameness with your dimensions for a perfect fit.

The collar is tough and sturdy and was relaxed right of the box, this was a cool feature as some kimonos have the collar super stiff until after a few training sessions take place to smoothen out, and comfort of the kimono was good despite being a little bit too big ( i had initially figured it was due to weight loss, but after some comparison , it looks like it does run big ) nevertheless the jacket performed as expected.

The Pants:

Made of ripstop material with 6 belt loops on the waist, the drawstring also made of rip stop and is a flat drawstring. The one thing we thought was kind of cool was the pitbull logo on the back of the left leg, it was commented at the gym it was a nice addition on the pants to give it a little bit more ” bling ” and flair. Gray accents on the belt loops and side slits give an attractive look without being too over the top in terms of logo or color placement.

gameness20131The knee reinforcements go from the middle thigh down to about the shin and the gusset is also made of rip stop material. Very light yet tough, the pants held up fine and i intentionally rolled with a much bigger team mate to test out the strength of the pants ( i was initially worried since i hadn’t brought a back up pair of pants ) but despite the tugging and pulling, all stayed intact, and not even a thread had came off.

The pant cuffs have the Gameness logo seam tape along the inside which makes for a nice touch BUT, yes there is a but, it was scratchy when walking , to the point it got annoying  and had Gameness gone with a traditional rip stop seam tape instead of the nylon/rayon/whatever this seam tape is made of,  it would have prevented the scratchiness. But once rolling started the feel of scratch was all but gone .

Regardless of the seam tape issue with the pants the strength and design of it outweighed any of the cons the kimono might have had and we are willing to bet the 2013 will be a hot seller , for value, comfort and reliability.

We give the Gameness 2013 Pearl Weave Premium BJJ Kimono a 3.5 out of 5 stars . Keep in mind this review is an opinion and your results may vary, we try to keep all reviews as neutral as possible to give our readers as much information as possible to make the best educated guess when researching a quality BJJ gi, and Gameness with some tweaks over previous Pearls has made the 2013 Pearl Weave with quality in mind.


-Soft but sturdy collar






-Large sizing

-Pant cuffs scratchy

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