Philadelphia Man Brutally Attacks Female On Subway Platform ( Video )

Normally we don’t report on issues regarding the general public , but in this case we wanted to give you a chance to watch the brutal beating and decide if the woman getting attacked knew Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, would this scenario have a diffrent ending?

Some background on this story.

A random man walks up to a lone female sitting on a Philadelphia subway platform bench minding her own business when all of a sudden a man out of nowhere attacks her for no reason, drags her to the tracks and throws her over the side. Luckily for her she only suffered cuts & bruised and the man was apprehended because of this video.

In the video it can be seen the man does not use a weapon but does overpower her.

This raises a good question.
Would the encounter have a different outcome if the female knew Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

What if there was no video to capture the attacker?

Given the success of BJJ in real world confrontations and early mma fights, we feel she would have not only been able to defend herself but would also have been able to go on the offensive.

Give us your thoughts on how you think she could have survived using Jiu Jitsu.