Pressure Brand 2013 Competition BJJ Kimono Review

PBlogoBorn in 2012, Pressure Brand Kimonos were founded by an idea that they could do more for the BJJ community by offering top of the line kimono’s with the competitor in mind at an affordable price . For every sale of kimono they give 15% of the profit to organizations and schools helping to promote the grappling sport, a trend seen in no other BJJ kimono company, and with any luck, we will see Pressure Brand Kimono’s start something big .

They contacted us regarding a review of their BJJ kimono, the 2013 Competition  gi and we were happy to help out with anything we could to at least get the word out on their philosophy and company ideas. The gi comes with the jacket and pants and they even threw in their competition patch set ( a  $15 value ) , but no belt , which is ok if you already have a belt to train with, but if you are getting the Pressure Brand gi as a first timer, you may want to look into buying a belt .

As with any other BJJ gi review we do we try to keep the consumer in mind whenever possible and we try to consult with the company how we would improve the kimono in question for a better BJJ gi , putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer AND the company.

Pressure Brand believes in producing a no frills kimono at an affordable price for a long lasting BJJ gi that doesn’t include flashy patches or emblems to mask the fact that the kimono might be an inferior product. They believe in a strong gi that will withstand the rigors of training, washing, competing and possibly against any other factor that may reduce the life of the gi.

So with now that you know a little bit of history behind the company , let’s get on with the review.underpressure

The Pressure Brand 2013 Competition Gi is offered in either blue or white , and it retails for $139.99 USD through the Pressure Brand’s website and the specs are as follows;

The jacket:

-100% cotton Pearl weave material

-Light weight fast drying rubber core lapel

-Reinforced stitching in all stress points

-Trimmed in rip stop fabric

The pants:

-10 oz cotton rip stop fabric

-Stretch rope drawstring

-Full length sewn in knee reinforcements


pressurebrandlayoutThey sent us a blue gi in size A2 and right out of the box the kimono felt like a solid 550 G gi, somewhat heavy and bulky after it had been pulled out of the plastic it was evident Pressure Brand wanted a strong kimono to sell, and the 2013 Competition is exactly that . Soft to the touch but strong to the feel, the 2013 Competition gi does not fail in the strength department. They keep flash to a minimum and quality to a max. The jacket has the Pressure Brand logo on both arms by the shoulders and a big Pressure logo along the back with the rip stop pants having little logo placement other than the company logo on the lower left left.

The inside of the jacket has seam tape running along the perimeter of the lapel with the words SWEEP-PASS-SUBMIT, and although looks cool, it doesn’t seem to serve any real purpose and didn’t add or subtract from the overall performance of the gi. Reinforced along the typical stress points including the skirt, armpits and cuffs although there was some fraying on the inside of the jacket after several uses and washes,   so far it looks cosmetic and has not come apart. After consulting with the gi company they assured me if there was any defect in the materials they would replace the item in question free of charge, something that would have a grapplers mind at ease.pressurebrandback

We asked for a size A2 ( assuming all gi companies use the same sizing dimensions ) and it seems the kimonos run bigger than usual as it felt more like an A3, and although we didn’t want to dry it in the dryer, that may be the best bet to get it down to a size A2.  The color stayed intact and no significant fading was noted after several washes

The pants use a bungee cord style of string and felt very strong . The pants also have very little bling other than a P on the left leg towards the cuff, some of those grapplers that like lots of logos may be disappointed, those who like clean looks on their gi will be happy .

The pants held up good during training , but several times i had to stop and re-tie the bungee cord drawstring, this is normal for bungee drawstrings as the shape makes it easier to come undone over flat drawstrings that stay tight, i have had other gi pants do the same so i am not going to put the pants in a negative light because of this.

spsOne thing that i did notice is the cuffs of the pants are scratchy when walking , i am going to out on a limb and say this is because of the reinforcements holding the pant cuffs together , a trait which was familiar similar to the Ronin Brand Rio Games 2016 gi , and again after rolling and sweating i didn’t even notice this anymore, not until after being washed the following day. After several washes and drying sessions, the gi did not shrink significantly as we had hoped , but it held up fine nonetheless. The color stayed about the same and since the dye process looks to be about the same as other gi’s, the fading was held to a minimum.

The kimono functioned as designed and did it’s job, the styling on it seemed as though it was an in-between idea, what i mean is the big bold PRESSURE  on the back of the gi looks as though maybe the company was unsure whether or not to have  advertising and they threw it on at the last minute, but it still looks tastefully done because it was embroidered on and not just a patch sewn on.

All in all the 2013 Competition kimono by Pressure Brand is a good gi in terms of functionality and comfort and given that the company has put the effort to help grow the sport by contributing and giving back, we sure hope the company grows and moves forward and the 2013 Competition is a good start .

We give the 2013 Competition gi by Pressure Brand a 3 *** out of 5 ***** stars, we would have given this gi a higher rating had the sizing been more on a traditional sizing scale and had they not put the big , bold PRESSURE on the back , not because it isn’t attractive ( we personally love blinged gi’s )  or anything stylistically like that, but because of the un-strategically placed logo on the back, and bear with us as this review is only an opinion and shouldn’t be taken as fact and a better position for the logo might have been across the lapel.pblogo


In conclusion, we felt the best attributes of the gi was the uniqueness of it, as many people know there are more and more kimono companies being started every year, but as of this press, none that we know of have been contributing and giving back to the sport ( aside from individual athlete sponsorship ) so to have that as base for a start up company like Pressure Brand Kimonos is a good attribute and we wish them the absolute best success in the years to come.



-Great company motto




-Customer service



-Bold lettering ( the jury is still out on this one )