Reevo Guard BJJ Gi Review

Reevo is a specialty MMA gear company located in Ontario, Canada and have been manufacturing MMA and BJJ products for awhile now. Established in The Great White North where MMA is becoming one of the fastest growing sports, rivaling even the national beloved sport of Hockey. Reevo makes affordable  gear from boxing gloves and  headgear to BJJ Gi’s and roll mats and everything in between.

Reevo’s missions statement is “Creating excellent products that provide value to peoples lives.” and when you read on the review for their entry level BJJ Gi namde The Guard you’ll know why.

We acquired the Reevo Guard BJJ Gi available in either white or blue and we decided on  blue because we wanted to test an entry level, mid price range Gi with a no frills look and we chose the Reevo Guard Gi because of the initial look and personality . What we found was an  incredibly attractive range of the Reevo Guard Gi and what set it apart from other major brands ,  over anything else was the price.

Starting at $56.99 through MMAWarehouse it was a complete bargain for the what you pay initially and that price may even be lower than some other no-name plain white or blue BJJ Gi’s we had researched online.

As always MMAWarehouse is known through the combat community as a top of the line gear web store for prices and their customer service is second to none. We initially acquired a size A3, but after scrutinizing the sizing chart we opted to go with a size A4 and the change in order was taken care of through MMAWarehouse customer service online chat.

We received the Gi in a box about 4 days after initial order and  inside we found a pretty decent looking Gi wrapped in a tough plastic wrap. A white belt was included although we would have no use for it, it’s good to know some companies are still offering to include a belt as it is now becoming  rarer to find that and Reevo didn’t disappoint with the quality.

The jacket:

Taking the Gi out and inspecting it we could see the jacket is made of a 2 piece constructed design and the lapel looks to be standard as with most other Gi brands, the fabric is a typical rice grain weave and it looks to be made of a single weave fabric. The sleeve logo close to the shoulder was embroidered into the fabric and no other logos were found except for the lapel tag sewn on . The official description list the lapel being thick, but it is not, at least not any more thicker than any other single weave Gi we have found. Whether it’s a typo or a mistake be warned if you are looking for a thick collar , this is not it.

The performance and comfort of the Gi  held up incredibly well, the lapel stayed intact when rolling and drilling and the back and shoulders had plenty of room for strategic movement during those scrambles and transitions. The sleeve cuffs did feel wider than normal  and if any other initial changes could have been made for a higher score, the cuffs we felt could be shrunk down maybe an inch or two thus raising the score a tad bit.

Sizing on the Gi felt to be somewhat bigger than other Gi’s of the same dimensions, opting to go with a bigger size than normal ( A4 ) due to the sizing chart , and for the very first time a dryer would have to be utilized to make a shrinking attempt to get the perfect fit which we did. Washing in cold water and tumble drying once to get the fit we wanted on the sleeve length, we were happy with how the size had turned out after the first dry.


The pants:

The pants are made of 100% cotton twill with a 2 belt loop system and the knees are reinforced from the knees to the ankles ,not typically found in other BJJ Gi pants but also made of cotton twill and the drawstring is of a flat design. Standard as found in other Gi’s of the same range but costing more . The pants made of 100% cotton twill were roomy and comfortable, the length of the size was perfect, and the cuffs felt roomy and nonrestrictive, we felt the greatest feature of the overall feel of the Gi was the pants. Strong and light they held up nicely and the drawstring held on tight , the knees had typical reinforcements from the top of the knee all the way to the ankle. Something we had seen before but only in higher priced Gi’s.


The color is of a deep blue and the pants and jacket had the same  hue making the uniform look like a one piece when worn . Matching of colors is important because it signifies great care was taken during the dye process and will fade  equally together. The Gi was worn over the course of 3 weeks and was washed every time and dried only once to shrink for fitment purposes.  We felt the sizing of the Reevo line of BJJ Gi’s was smaller than your typical BJJ Gi and going off of the official chart we decided to get an A4 where normally an A3 would suffice.


An incredible bargain for the price it has many features like the reinforced knees from the top of the knee to the foot, room for patches with minimal tagging, and a tough and durable weave typically found in other Gi’s costing more than the listed price of about $56.99 although only available in 2 colors, blue or white it would make for a great Gi for the grappler needing a second Gi, or the beginner not wanting to spend a lot of money with their introductory BJJ career. Reevo has made great strides to make training affordable and the key to sales we can see will be the attractive price tag of the Guard BJJ Gi.

In conclusion:


We give the Reevo Guard BJJ Gi 3 out of 5 stars for affordability, cut, durability and simplicity. We feel the price would be the first and foremost feature for someone looking for a second Gi and cut and roominess to come in at a close second. Keep in mind sizing is a bit different than your typical size and the jacket cuffs are somewhat bigger than normal, not like a Judo cut but bigger than a BJJ cut. If for nothing else, the price tag will make the Reevo Guard Gi a hit.

To learn more and for item availability visit MMAWarehouse or


Official Size Chart:

C0 4’0″ to 4’3″
C1 4’4″ to 4’6″
C2 4’7″ to 4’11”
A1 5’0″ to 5’2″
A2 5’3″ to 5’5″ 110-140 lbs.
A3 5’6″ to 5’9″ 135-175 lbs.
A4 5’10” to 6’1″ 160-210 lbs.
A5 6’2″ to 6’4″ 200-250 lbs.

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