Ryan Hall Subdues A Rowdy Restaurant Patron

A video surfaced of long time BJJ phenom and head instructor of 50/50 BJJ , Ryan Hall of what seems to be a belligerent man , who was self proclaimed bi polar, in a restaurant screaming at him as he enjoyed¬† dinner out at a restaurant with some friends , one of which was black belt David Jacobs co owner of Fairfax Jiu Jitsu . While we only see the video start when the man was already becoming confrontational we can clearly see Ryan trying to ignore the man of what seems to b e Ryan trying to avoid any confrontation. The belligerent man’s friend looks to be trying to talk the man out of starting a scuffle but to no avail.

While winner of many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, Ryan Hall could have easily hurt the man if he chose to.  Sport Jiu Jitsu is clearly as advanced as Self Defense based Jiu Jitsu. While what looks to be a mentally unstable person , we can assume it was more than likely a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Ryan Hall was kind enough to shed some light on the backstory of what happened in the video , taken from his Facebook fan page we asked him if he would like to add any information to the subject, and this is what he said.

“Hey. Was just trying to eat dinner after a tournament when the guy in the video came over asking for a lighter. I let him know we don’t smoke and he ended up getting pretty upset. I asked him to leave, he started threatening me and came close enough that I was concerned for the safety of everyone at the table (my girlfriend and a 10-year-old girl were right next to me).

I didn’t want to hurt the guy, so I hoped that holding him down without doing anything would get the point across. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Tried to talk him out of the restaurant and help him outside (not to fight), but he ended up threatening my friend and moving towards him aggressively, so I was forced to restrain him. Seph (my buddy) had just gotten a serious hip surgery a couple weeks before and could’ve been seriously injured if the guy had put his hands on him.

I’m glad that no one (including the angry guy) was hurt and that we were able to finish dinner in relative peace. I will say I’m a little disturbed that people today pull out cameras instead of helping, though. Ended up being ok in this case, I guess, but not a good thing in general , I think.”

With the additional information given to us we can understand completely his willingness to take control of the situation to protect his friends one of which was still recovering from surgery. We can’t say we could have done the same thing , but we are happy it all turned out for the better. We continue to be huge fans of Ryan Hall and we wish nothing but the best !





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