Scramble White “Kamon” Shorts Review

Known for their dedication to the grappling arts through style, function and ambitious ways, Scramble as an icon of our sport has launched a new line of fight shorts called Kamon  and we were sent the  shorts by Scramble for review through a fight wear company called  or MAS , who specialize in just about everything martial arts , from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi’s to boxing gloves , Judo gi’s to Karate uniforms and everything in between.

The Kamon grappling shorts made by Scramble have a red and white color scheme along with grey tones throughout and are made of 100% polyester according to Scramble. The waistband has elastic for added comfort and the crotch has a liner made of Lycra for ease in mobility, and they also come with an internal waist drawstring and velcro closure found in many other grappling shorts similarly priced on the market today. What we saw as being very attractive was the fabric of choice by Scramble , made of 100% polyester they feel incredibly soft and the comfort factor is off the charts compared to other fight shorts we have had the privilege of reviewing.  The material of choice made for great sweat and moisture dissipation , what felt like moisture being pulled away from the skin, the lack of sticky material while rolling was the stand out in the shorts initially.

What we found unique on these shorts were the lack of a slit  on the outer seam part of the leg, opting to go with a closed design and adding a Lycra liner we did notice it hampered our ability to stretch, now this may not be due to the enclosure of the shorts themselves and it may be more of an issue with habit ( like posted earlier the outer seam being closed was something we haven’t seen yet ) , and it may just be that the Kamon fight shorts  will need some getting used to.

The velcro enclosure made for a strong bond and although it has the internal drawstring for added tightness, there was no need for it, the velcro was plenty tight when enclosed.  One thing we noted was the strength of the triple stitching threads in the shorts and throughout the velcro as well. A mighty fine touch by Scramble to ensure the life of the grappling shorts stays consistent.

Several other shorts we have seen have had the velcro enclosure come apart after several uses and washes that the drawstring was needed to maintain the shorts on, the Kamon grappling shorts by Scramble after being washed showed no signs of wear and no signs of velcro fraying whatsoever. A very important point that should be made when researching grappling shorts.

Although we weren’t crazy about the split color pattern on the shorts, one side being all white while the other having a pattern that seemed to distract the eye away from the color scheme, some people may find that feature to be appealing , while others may not like the break up in the solid white coloring, either way the form and function , comfort and effectiveness override any eye candy that may or may not be present in the pattern of the shorts.

We could say the Kamon fight shorts will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months and we expect to see more different color schemes and patterns from Scramble , due to the rigidity in the construction we saw it is safe to say the Kamon fight shorts are here to stay and we expect them to sell big.

Priced at around $59.99 the Kamon Fight Shorts by Scramble provide form and function , comfort and appeal using choice fabric and tight tolerances in the stitching , we expect the Kamon shorts to be a hit within the no gi grappling community since the number one factor in choice grappling shorts are comfort over style.


We gave the Kamon fight shorts a solid 4 out of 5 stars due to the construction, functionality , comfort and style , while some people may not approve of the pattern, others may love it just for that reason, whatever the choice one thing is for certain, the Kamon fight shorts are about as comfortable as any shorts we have reviewed thus far and an almost perfect rating would have made sense in this case . Scramble once again live up to the hype and the Kamon fight shorts are another reason why.


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